Transferring skills across sectors

Criminal Justice Skills is a member of the Red Snapper Group.  The Red Snapper Group is the market leading recruitment business for job seekers who posses skill sets and work experience gained in offender supervision and support, community safety, crime reduction and investigations.

A mouthful we know!  However these are the key common skills denominators on which the business is built.

We support 6 broad work communities

  • Policing
  • Regulatory Enforcement
  • Offender Supervision / Rehabilitation
  • Counter Fraud
  • Community Safety
  • Risk Management

The mobility of job seekers between these work communities whom possess the key common skills denominators has increase markedly across the last 10 to 15 years.

Offender supervision and support and criminal justice professionals now regularly move to many of the work communities listed. Conversely, the offender supervision and support sectors have welcomed more applications from candidates offering broader skills including community safety, housing and youth engagement.

An increased focus on preventative work with young people and more funding directed to supporting, rehabilitating and resettling offenders has meant a greater diversity of organisations are now involved in what was commonly known as the criminal justice sector with more opportunities to work in the field than ever before.

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Criminal Justice Skills recognises that candidates often wish to experience new challenges in the work place and, as such, embrace the idea of utilising their skills and experience in a new sector altogether.

Hamish's Story - a retired Police Officer who went to work for London Probation.

"I was approached about vacancies within London Probation and was appointed as a Court Officer. My advantage was that I had a good knowledge of the criminal justice system and was confident in court, dealing with lawyers and interviewing offenders.

I had never dealt with the aftermath following a conviction and knew nothing about the law concerning the 'requirements' an offender could be subject to. I also needed to understand the Probation Service policies, the issues to be taken into account and the timing involved. It was necessary to have a firm grasp of this and to advise the judges in open court. I also had to understand the various Probation Service computer systems.

It was a steep learning curve but it was a successful contract and I moved from there to work with Home Detention Curfews (HDC) and Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL).

The police background helped enormously here with the confidence of dealing with people and challenging situations/areas. A recent knowledge of the Probation Service assisted greatly too.

There is no doubt a police background is helpful but it must be remembered that's what it is; a background. It has assisted me with all the different positions I have held with my agency work but it is a matter of being prepared to be flexible and have a willingness to learn."

Criminal Justice Skills has a proven track record of assisting candidates to utilise their current skills to make a career move into new sectors. Be it Probation Officers into Youth Offending or Supported Housing into Community Payback, we have the expertise and market knowledge to make your career move a reality.

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