Management of risks

The table below comprises the three areas under which we identify, assess and manage risk.  Examples of issues dealt with under each heading are provided.





Competence risk

Risk of poor performance of contractors





Risk of poor performance of Account Managers


Feedback loop starting at early stage of appointment





Regular feedback loop starting at early stage of appointment


Hard and soft performance criteria analysis





Analysis of performance against KPI's covering candidate availability, delivery and performance and


Pooling and retained replacements that may be sent at 1 day notice.

Pooling and retained replacements that may be sent at 1 day notice.

Full indemnity insurance.

Weekly reporting to head of recruitment team and MD. Monthly client meetings for 1st 6 months of contract and quarterly thereafter

Operational risk

Inefficient work flow management putting supply to contracts at risk.


Work flow management reports analysed daily.


Contractor availability monitored daily


Managers obliged to report to MD on variances in work flow KPI's.

Availability statistics evaluated against demand flow by MD.



MD signs off resolution plan of each manager with unacceptable variance.

Investment made in to retained contractors in case of over demand.

Business risks

Risk of financial health of the business and cash flow planning impacting provision of temporary staff.


FD is ex Top 10 accountancy experienced who continually assesses financial health.


FD manages works with finance managers to maintain cash flow projection model to assess funds in businesses and funding requirements.


FD arranges financing if cash flow projections and immediate contract awards necessitate.

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ISO Accreditation
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ISO 9001:2008

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