Long Term Agency Staff + Training & Learning Services

Are you a manager looking to employ entry level staff, candidates with transferable skills from enforcement, investigative or offender rehabilitation sector or an experienced industry professional?

If so this flexible service may be ideal as it combines the cost of temporary staffing services and training and learning from a range of BTEC qualifications and courses available whilst the temporary member of staff is working on a temporary assignment with you.

This rivals the true cost of a permanent member of staff and offers flexibility to the customer.

The customer can appoint a candidate for a minimum contract of four months. By the end of month three, the candidate receives training or a qualification for their specific role and responsibility. This increases their knowledge and experience whilst delivering economies by combining temporary staffing services with training and learning with the option of employing the candidate permanently at the end of their assignment.

What are the benefits?

  • Combination of temporary staffing services with training and learning built in as one cost
  • Significant savings achieved
  • Allows long term consistency and negate abstractions and secondments
  • Flexible terms with negotiable contract start date and end date (minimum four month contract)
  • Offers the customer to assess the temporary worker before offering permanent employment
  • A great way to attract entry level candidates or those with transferable skills to your team


We will offer a competitive hourly charge for the temporary agency staff member which will incorporate the charge rate and training cost over a four month minimum contract.


Permanent Employee total cost                         £36,000

(salary + on cost such as ERNIC, WTD)

                                                                        £18.80 per hour equivalent (approximate)

RSG Approach

Month 1 – 3       455 hours worked                      £17.28 per hour                         £7,862.40

Month 4            160 hours worked                      £16.43 per hour                         £2,491.94

Month 5+          To be confirmed                        £16.10 per hour                         TBC

This example shows a candidate working through a temporary contract whilst receiving training at a reduced cost of a permanent employee. The customer can assess the candidate prior to the offering of a permanent contract.

For a detailed quote, please contact 0203 119 3308.

This offer only applies when temporary staffing services are purchased with training and learning services.

Our accreditations:

REC Reg No - 2009/541
ISO Accreditation
Certificate Number 11960
ISO 9001:2008

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