Job Seeker Terms & Right to Represent

The recruitment industry is governed by the Employment Agencies Act 1973. 

All services which recruitment business supply to job seekers are FREE.  This is mandated by the Employment Agencies Act and you should report any recruitment business which attempts to charge you for any service.  Recruitment businesses only levy fees against the employer businesses.

We are a member of the trade association, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), and are regulated by the department for the Business Employment Regulatory Reform.

We also fully adopt and endorse the REC terms for job seekers and conduct standards.   These terms and standards can be viewed using the following link

Further legal guidance from our regulator can be found here.

Our recruitment officers

Our trained officers operate to the high standards expected of us by our trade association and regulator.

Once you have registered and been accepted as a relevant job seeker for our clients, we assign your recruitment officer. You can contact them any time, while they and our team will also begin calling you to discuss different employment opportunities. 

You will also receive E-Communications in the form of emails and E-shots. These list and detail work opportunities for you to act upon or disregard at your discretion.

We do not guarantee to find you work, and do not ask you to regard it as the sole supplier of possible work opportunities.

Our recruitment officers will do their best to find you work. They are, however, not duty bound to do so. Please remember that you are not tied to us, or in any way required to undertake or consider any work opportunities promoted to you by us.

Right to Represent

Once you have agreed to be put forward for a particular role, you will be sent a 'Right to Represent' agreement. You must respond to this document agreeing to be represented.

This is a 'job by job' confirmation that you have agreed to be represented for this particular job by our team.  Once you have agreed to be represented by us for a particular job/opportunity you are unable to be represented by another agency for this particular job/opportunity.

Click here to view a standard 'Right to Represent'

You should always receive full information the role including, pay, location, employer, and duration if the role is a temporary assignment.


Our accreditations:

REC Reg No - 2009/541
ISO Accreditation
Certificate Number 11960
ISO 9001:2008

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