Complaint handling

Complaints received may be either verbal or written. RSR will begin to resolve the complaint immediately by contacting the customer by telephone, wherever possible.

If the complaint has been resolved by the close of business (17:00) the following business day, the case may be concluded.

If the complaint has not been resolved by the close of business (17:00) the following business day, the Case Manager will ensure that a synopsis of the complaint and proposed resolution is recorded and is forwarded to an RSR manager within 24 hours. The Red Snapper manager will ensure that the complaint whether 'resolved' or 'unresolved' is sent to the client company and recorded against subsequent management information.

RSR will conclude their enquiries within two and a half days and advise the client company of either the complaint conclusion, or forward the details as an unresolved complaint requiring further action. (The vast majority of complaints will be resolved and reported within one business working day.)

The synopsis as provided by RSR, will contain the following:

  • Issues as raised by the customer,
  • Answers to all issues raised by the customer,
  • Resolution or if unresolved, suggested actions for resolution.

Any complaint received where the complainant advises they may take their complaint to the Media (press, radio, TV), must be referred to the relevant Client Company contacts with utmost urgency and ensure that acknowledgement is received.


  • Complaint received by Absolute - investigate immediately.
  • Refer to Line Manager / preferred client contact - within 2 hours
  • Manager enters details onto complaints log - when referred.
  • Attempt to resolve - within 24 hours
  • Line Manager / preferred contact - within 1 working day.
  • Advise client insurer of complaint and whether resolved - within 24 hours
  • Acknowledge complaint - within 5 days
  • Attempt to resolve all complaints - within 4 weeks
  • Resolve all complaints - within 8 weeks

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ISO Accreditation
Certificate Number 11960
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